Complications and handling Disasters in Foregut and Bariatric Surgery is increasingly required of bariatric Surgeons. This session covers a variety of Disasters and gives an overview of how to handle such disasters in Bariatric Surgery.

Learning Objectives

  1. To develop strategies on how to prevent Disasters.
  2. To manage complications when they occur.
  3. To learn composed and strategic thinking when handling a Disaster.

1:30pm Disaster Video 1 - TBD
Helmuth Billy, MD
1:42pm Disaster Video 2 - TBD
Prakash Gatta, MD
1:54pm Disaster Video 3 - TBD
Abubaker Ali, MD
2:06pm Disaster Video 4 - TBD
Benjamin Clapp, MD
2:18pm Disaster Video 5 - TBD
Shaina Eckhouse, MD
2:30pm Disaster Video 6 - TBD
Omar Ghanem, MD
2:42pm Disaster Video 7 - TBD
Curtis Peery, MD FACS FASMBS
2:54pm Closing Comments
3:00pm Adjourn