Learning Objectives

  1. Participant will identify current FDA approved weight loss medications and appropriate use.
  2. Participant will identify appropriate interventions for weight regain in the post bariatric surgery patient.
  3. Participant will describe appropriate work up and follow up for medical weight loss patients.
  4. Explore nutrition as the main vehicle for self care.
  5. Discuss the benefits of plant forward nutrition.
  6. Review weight loss expectations and literature regarding weight loss and health.
  7. Describe the shortcomings of using the BMI to evaluate long term health.
  8. Identify other markers of health to promote healthful lifestyle and dietary habits.
  9. Explain the benefits of comprehensive care in obesity management.
  10. Identify knowledge gaps and biases across disciplines to guide training and enhance collaboration.
  11. Describe pathways and systems to enhance patient utilization of all relevant weight management related services.

8:00am Introduction
Jeanne Hutson, NP-C
8:05am Layering medical weight loss in a bariatric program - real world experience using weight loss medications in the bariatric surgery patient
Jeanne Hutson, NP-C
8:20am Nutrition: More than just Food
Holley Nash, RDN LD
8:35am Now what?: Long term health and the failure of the BMI
Colin Johnson, PA-C
8:50am Integrating medical and surgical weight loss into a comprehensive program: lessons learned.
Amanda Lavasseur, MS RD CSOWM LDN
9:05am Discussion / Q&A
9:25am Closing Wrap Up
9:30am Adjourn