Learning Objectives:

  1. An understanding of the basic science behind DS based surgeries
  2. An understanding of the complications and their treatments
  3. long term outcomes of SADI-S
  4. Videos of techniques related to performing SADI-S
  5. Videos of complications of SADI-S

1:30pm Gut Receptors explain why SADI-S works
Daniel Cottam, MD
1:40pm BPL limb length explains why SADI-S works
Vivek Prachand, MD
1:50pm Metabolic Testing explains why SADI works
Mitch Roslin, MD FACS FASMBS
2:00pm How long to make the common channel
Amador GarcÃia Ruiz De Gordejuela, MD PhD FACS IFASMBS
2:10pm What Is better for T2DM GBP or SADI-S
Kunoor Jain-Spangler, MD FACS
2:20pm Nutritional Supplementation after SADI-S
2:30pm GERD and SADI/DS
Keri Seymour, DO
2:40pm Outpatient SADI-S
Bo Neichoy, MD
2:50pm How to introduce SADI-S to your practice
3:00pm Break
3:20pm Is there still a role for the Roux limb in Primary operations
Laurent Biertho, MD
3:30pm Bile Reflux after SADI-S
Muhammad Jawad, MD
3:40pm What to do about Sleeve Failure
Paul Enochs, MD FASMBS
3:50pm GBP to SADI how, why and when?
Farah Husain, MD FACS FASMBS
4:00pm SADI-S in Asia
Mohit Bhandari, MD
4:10pm Common Channel Lengthening
Lindsey S Sharp, MD DABOM FASMBS
4:20pm Long term outcomes of SADI-S
Andrés Sánchez-Pernaute, MD PhD
4:30pm DS and GERD: salvage techniques before converting to bypass
Andre Teixeira, MD
4:40pm To much dissection
4:50pm The use of the Ligamentum Teres for GERD after DS/SADI
Robert Michaelson, MD PhD
5:00pm Adjourn