This session is designed to offer practical information to any new or seasoned provider working with bariatric support groups. Utilizing a multidisciplinary panel, support group topic ideas, strategies and formats will be explored. Symposium focus will be on practical tools and application in the bariatric support group. Time will be devoted to both enhancing content for groups as well as addressing process issues commonly faced in groups. Discussion will allow participants to share their own experiences, ask questions and receive feedback from the multidisciplinary panel. Individuals from any multidisciplinary specialty currently involved in running bariatric support groups would be appropriate for this session.

Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize and apply innovative on-site and virtual support group topic ideas and models.
  2. Implement strategies to manage challenging personalities in a support group setting.
  3. Discuss your own support group experience and utilize the multidisciplinary panel to address their specific concerns.

1:30pm Introductions + Support Group Leader Training Webinar Series
Ninoska D Peterson, PhD
1:40pm Help! My Guest Speaker Cancelled; Last Minute Topics
Kirsten Tychonievich, APP Lead APRN-CNP MS BA
2:00pm “Food for Thought”; An Innovative Idea for a Co-led Virtual Support Group
Beth Czerwony, MS RD CSOWM LD
2:20pm Adopting a New Mindset for Managing Challenging Personalities in a Group Setting
Gretchen Ames, PhD ABPP
2:40pm Panel Discussion + Audience Questions
3:00pm Adjourn