Learning Objectives:

  1. Define, discuss and solve specific challenges in the treatment of people with obesity, obesity-related and metabolic diseases and conditions
  2. Describe the development and use of new techniques to achieve weight loss by surgery in obese patients
  3. Discuss strategies to help patients with failed weight loss or weight regain
  4. Identify creative options for patient follow up and monitoring

8:00am Opening and Introduction
Shanu Kothari, MD FACS FASMBS; Mona Misra, MD
8:05am A001 Cancer Incidence, Type, and Survival after Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Jared R Miller, MD; Alec Fitzsimmons, MPH; Andrew Borgert, PhD; Kate Mellion, MD; Joshua Pfeiffer, MD; Brandon Grover, DO FASMBS
Presenter: Jared R Miller, MD
Discussant: Shanu Kothari, MD FACS FASMBS
8:20am A010 Evaluating incident substance use disorder following bariatric surgery
Authors: Melissa Butt, DrPH; Riley A Eisler, BS; Ann Rogers, MD; Andrea Rigby, PsyD
Presenter: Melissa Butt, DrPH
Discussant: Samer Mattar, MD FASMBS
8:35am A003 Extended Postoperative Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis after Bariatric Surgery: A Comparison of Existing Risk Stratification Tools and 5-Year MBSAQIP Analysis
Authors: Joseph Imbus, MD; Andrew D Jung, MD; S Davis, Jr, MD; Omobolanle Oyefule, MD; Federico J Serrot, MD FACS FASMBS; Jamil L Stetler, MD FACS; Ankit D Patel, MD FACS FASMBS; Melissa Majumdar, MS RD CSOWM LDN; Edward Kin, DO; Elizabeth M Hechenbleikner, MD
Presenter: Joseph Imbus, MD
Discussant: Mohamed R Ali, MD
8:50am A004 Predicting serious complications following bariatric surgery in geriatric patients: Development of the GeriBari tool using the MBSAQIP database
Authors: Jerry Dang, MD PhD; Valentin D Mocanu, MD PhD; Kevin Verhoeff, MD; Matthew T Allemang, MD; Matthew Kroh, MD; shahzeer Karmali, MD MPH
Presenter: Jerry Dang, MD PhD
Discussant: Pearl Ma, MD FACS FASMBS ABOM
9:05am A005 Medicaid Expansion: The impact of health policy on bariatric surgery
Authors: Theresa N Jackson, MD; Gary G Grinberg, MD; Zhamack Khorgami, MD; Panduranga Yenumula, MD
Presenter: Theresa N Jackson, MD
Discussant: Michael Seger, MD